Watching Broadway Theater at Home: It’s a thing now!

How did you manage to keep things theatrically at home after the theatre world was closed for most of the year, and how does a year of quarantine work out? While you can look around remote theaters, stream online, learn new skills, broaden your mind, and stay in touch with your beloved theater community, there are many ways theater is full of theater this year. Here’s who we’re watching Broadway theater at home!

Global Streaming

Theatre as an art form has taken on many new forms this year, and resilient communities have found ways to keep art alive throughout the year. Instead of closing physical spaces, theater takes on forms that no one wants, whether it gathers in person or at home. We have hope for the present and the future, not only in the form of new productions, but also in our own lives.


Check out some of the theatrical highlights from this year’s lockout below and see your theater in action before your very eyes, in the real world or in your local theater.

Broadway shows on mainstream streaming platforms

We have seen the rise of streaming this year and we no longer need a ticket or passport to experience the global stage. We hope that the world will remain connected even after the reopening of our theatre buildings.

It wasn’t until the following year that the viral TikTok trend became a full-blown musical, but Ratatouille did just that. Stars from Broadway and also raised more than $2 million for the actor’s fund, as well as $1.5 million in donations from the public.

This year we’ve seen Broadway enter the mainstream with streaming, and we’ve got so many more streams, including Diana on Netflix. The Constitution, that is, we will be there for many years to come, whether through streaming or not.

New theatre streaming services

The groundbreaking musical Rent is celebrating its 25th anniversary and, at a time of immense change and paradigm shift, Rent has proven that change is at stake at this moment, and can only help the theatre community. The musical has sparked a virtual celebration in the Broadway community, showing how the show has inspired a new generation of theater-goers and performers; it even launched a ticket raffle.

The Old Vic In Camera

If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it is that closing theatres around the world does not mean that entertainment is over. What did creatives do when they couldn’t produce new shows, and what have companies done to innovate in the way we see the future of the show? The London production is now expanding its shows to include special streaming times and there are also new services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming services such as Hulu Plus.

Of course, some old favourites have been revisited, such as the last season of the BBC Radio 4 series and even the new series of BBC One’s Big Brother.


Watching Broadway theater at home is a challenge even today, but even five years ago it was unthinkable. We miss our beloved theaters but watching our favorite shows at home is a good option.

Go Girls!