Villains of Broadway

Face it, every show needs a bad guy. Or a girl. Great villains are half of a Broadway show! Here are our favorites!

Ursula “The Little Mermaid”

The evil ocean witch from the stage adaptation of “The very little Mermaid” was originally vie by the superb Sherie Rene Scott, United Nations agency had appeared in alternative Broadway shows like “Rent,” “Grease,” and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” Ursula is that the sister of King Triton and was once charged with ruling the seas beside her brother. However, having half absolute power over their watery domain wasn’t absolute enough. She was banished for attempting to overthrow her brother and waited till she saw a chance for revenge within the naïve Ariel. That’s pretty tousled behavior for associate degree aunt!

Jud Fry “Oklahoma!”

This Broadway classic is ready within the community of Claremore and tells the story of 2 rivals and their need for Laurey Williams’ heart. one among the rivals is wavy McLain; the opposite is that the nefarious Jud Fry. In fact, the quiet associate degreed brooding fieldhand has developed an obsession with Laurey. The presence of alternative suitors, particularly wavy, drives Jud to forceful actions. He reveals, through his song “Lonely space,” simply however desperate he’s and simply however so much he’s willing to travel. His greed positively offers U.S. the creeps. He is certainly a classic among the villains of Broadway!

Macavity “Cats”

The Mystery Cat illustrious additionally because the Hidden Paw is that this classic’s main villain. He includes a name for being a master criminal and having a natural endowment for evading capture. It’s claimed that he’s broken each law that has been written. We’d say one among the creepiest things regarding him is however he moves, but… all of them move like that. The character is truly supported by Moriarty, the villain from Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictitious character stories. In “Cats,” he captures the leader of the Jellicle, the previous Book of Deuteronomy, and tries to require his place. he’s pointed out, however, escapes before he is captured.

Jafar “Aladdin”

Slinking through the shadows of the Sultan’s palace is Jaffar, the Grand official of Agrabah. though he wields associate degree unsettling quantity of power through his influence over the grand Turk, Jaffar isn’t glad. Evil villains like him typically aren’t. It’s Jafar’s conceive to retrieve the wizard lamp from the Cave of Wonders that primarily puts the entire story’s plot into motion. He uses fictitious character to urge what he needs, and thru the Genie’s power, makes himself grand Turk. He additionally demands to be created into associate degree almighty jinnee. He’s granted this want with and is then as if by magic in chains to his own lamp, doomed to be a servant. Careful what you want for, kids!

The Thenardiers “Les Miserables”

This virtuously bankrupt couple ar the definition of horrifying hosts. Despite being apparently cheerful folks, they don’t continue their hotel alright, they serve terrible food, and that they charge for ridiculous extras. within the musical, they need one girl and ar entrusted with taking care of Cosette. As you may expect from such a story, they treat her poorly. Later within the tale, they plot to rob Valjean and find out his secret. we actually want that this terrible couple had received a a lot of vital penalization for his or her actions.


The great villains of Broadway are known for their ways and for having no moral compass! But we love them!

The 2000s were an amazing decade for Broadway!