Oldest active actors on Broadway

Longevity is very specific for the big screen. We are all familiar with Clint Eastwood and a few selected more that have been around since the 50-s and 60-s. Are you aware of those names on stage? Here are the oldest active actors on Broadway!

Larry Storch

Mr. Storch is born on January 8, 1923! And his first TV appearance was on The Ed Sullivan Show in the late 1940s!!! Imagine that! His illustrious career includes acting, voice acting (he is the first Joker from the Batman Series), and plays on Broadway. 

Larry Storch’s career on Broadway begins in the 1950s. His most famous shows include Porgy and Bess, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Annie Get Your Gun. In the 21st century he Larry Stroch has starred in  Sly Fox, and Love Letters.

Today, Larry Storch considers himself “semi-retired”, but still travels around the country to meet his fans. He also keeps in touch with his huge fan base by Facebook where he has more than 40.000 followers! 

Joan Copeland

Her career began on stage, but you can’t expect any different from Arthur Miller’s baby sister. Mrs. Copeland’s activity on stage spans from 1945 to this day. She made her Broadway debut as Nadine in the original 1948 production of Bessie Breuer’s Sundown Beach.

Joan Copeland’s other Broadway works include Detective Story, Not for Children, Handful of Fire, Tovarich, Something More!, The Price, Coco, Two By Two, Checking Out, 45 Seconds from Broadway, Wit & Wisdom. Her accolades include a Drama Desk nomination for the 1976 production of Pal Joey. She proceeded to win the award in 1981 for The American Clock.

 Jimmy Lydon

Lydon began his Broadway career in 1937 along with stars such as Van Heflin, Sidney Lumet, and Uta Hagen in separate productions. He’s left his mark in shows like Sunup to Sundown, Prologue to Glory, Sing Out the News, The Happiest Days, Western Waters. 

In 1939 he moved to Hollywood, where he left a huge legacy through the ages in both TV and cinema.

Priscilla Pointer

Yet another TV/cinema veteran that began her career on stage. Priscilla Pointer got firstly noticed in shows such as A Streetcar Named Desire”, “The Country Wife” and “The Condemned of Altona”. She worked alongside her future husband Jules Irving and they married in 1947. 

Priscilla Pointer’s career received a late reinvigoration after she returned to the screen in the 70s for roles in The Name of the Game, Death Takes a Holiday, and McCloud.

Carleton Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter has a pretty long resume that includes “magician” and “songwriter”. It is no wonder that such a versatile talent left his mark on Broadway. He appeared in plays like Bright Boy Three to Make Ready with Ray Bolger, John Murray Anderson’s Almanac and Hotel Paradiso.

His filmography includes the likes of Father of the Bride, Three Little Words, Summer Stock, Two Weeks With Love, Vengeance Valley, Fearless Fagan, Sky Full of Moon, and Take the High Ground!.

All these major superstars are amongst the oldest active actors that left their mark on Broadway. But do you know who are the youngest ones? Where the began their careers?