New York City 3D Street art

3D street art or 3D pavement art is an artwork that creates an optical illusion. It tricks people’s minds and makes them think that what they see painted on the ground is not a 2-dimensional picture. The inventor of 3D street art is Kurt Wenner. Kurt is a former NASA engineer who used his knowledge to create spectacular artwork in 1980. Today 3D pavement artworks appear all over the world. Besides, big companies like Microsoft, Peugeot, Shell, and IKEA use 3D art in their commercial campaigns. Let’s find out which are the best 3D street art paintings in New York City.

Times Square in Times Square

Time Square in Time Square is a 3D painting created by the British street artist Julian Beever. Julian began to create chalk pavement drawings during the ’90s. To make the optical illusion, he uses a technique called anamorphosis. So if you look at his paintings from the right angle, believe me, you will doubt your sight. Beever has made 3D pavement drawings all around the world. His breakthrough was with the drawing Swimming Pool in the High Street in Brussels, Belgium.

Unfortunately, the chalk paintings cannot be preserved for a long time – they are temporary. The only way to preserve and show them to more people is by taking a photograph with a person standing on the right spot to make the illusion visible. For instance, Beever released a book titled Pavement Chalk Artist, which includes pictures of his best artworks from all over the world. Time Square in Time Square is amongst them. 

Time Square in Time Square is a painting created in 2010. It appeared on the pavement of Times Square, representing the surrounding skyscrapers and their bright lights. If you stand on the right spot of the creation, it seems like you are standing on the top of one of the skyscrapers, and you are looking down to where you actually stand. Terrific! 

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth is another famous 3D pavement drawing by Beever. It is actually his first painting in New York City. It appeared on Union Square on January 29, 2007, as a part of Aveeno (a brand of skin and hair care products) commercial campaign. The company hired Beever to create an illusion that represents eternal youth as a part of their new anti-aging campaign. Unfortunately, as I said before, chalk drawings are not permanent, so what is left of this creation are only photographs. 

A Transformer Robot Leaves the New York Subway

This painting was also created in 2007. The project was a part of a Mountain Dew commercial campaign. It represents a transformer robot who exits the Union Square subway station with a bottle of Mountain Dew in his hand. It took Beever four days of hard work to finish it. He even said that it was the toughest project he had ever done.  

3D art is slowly reaching new heights, extending in more and more forms of art and culture. Will it reach Broadway soon?

Is your child into acting? Are they looking up to Broadway’s brightest youngsters?