Flower Based on Your Musical Taste: How Crazy Is That!

Have you ever wondered if there’s a flower based on your musical taste? Well, there is. Here they are!

White Fusion Calathea

If you are in a studio apartment with windows to a building, this is the place to be, as it is the perfect place for White Fusion Calathea in particular. This slightly underrated houseplant is super easy to maintain, does not need a ton of light, and is one of my favorite plants to plant in my living room.

It will make you cry, it will make you happy, and if you are like me, the sound will make you cry, even if it is only for a few minutes.


Edelweiss is actually a medicinal herb in the daisy and sunflower family, so it forms the perfect barrier for this plant. It can make you go to war, it can end with a heart full of love, and it could even make you cry.

Raven (ZZ)

This low-maintenance, relatively simple option is a bit of a dark past, but in a real classic twist, Raven (ZZ) is on the brooding side. This beautiful, fuzzy white flower lives in your heart all the way through and will cover your bed with carpets that pretend to be Mary dancing in the hills of Austria. Although not famously sung by Christopher Plummer, this sweet farewell was actually the last song written by Oscar Hammerstein II before his death.

Alocasia Borneo King

If you’re looking for the perfect plant Wicked craves to sing with you, we’ve got it for you. The leaves can grow up to five meters long and the indoor plant market has sent prices soaring this year, which is great in every way.

For others, it may be a bit crazy, but there are many plants, like the colorful Monstera Thai Constellation, which most of us will only experience in a digital view.

This variety is less temperamental and only needs a little more moisture and medium light, no particular hairdresser. The beautiful blood-red leaves of a begonia make it the perfect gift, but do you have the money to invest it? We all know that begonias are somewhat needier, and I am sure you know that.

It might sound crazy but each and everyone of these flower based on your musical taste! They represent the general emotions showed in the show!

Ever been to New York?