Christmas Events in New York City: Share the Spirit of the Season

Highlights of the season include, but are not limited to, the annual New York Christmas Parade, New Year’s Eve parties, and Christmas parties. Don’t forget to get in the mood for the Christmas season by visiting our holiday calendar, which contains more than 1,000 events and events for the Christmas season. Prepare for a full list of holidays, from family-friendly events to special events in your neighborhood. Here are the best Christmas events in New York where you can recharge your holiday spirit!

Dyker Heights Holiday Lights

The Dyker Heights residents take the holidays very seriously, so watch the annual New York Christmas Parade, New Year’s Eve parties and Christmas parties. Those who prefer a less festive atmosphere can decorate the navel of their house with a Christmas tree, tree lights, ornaments and other decorations. 

The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

This year, new occupational safety protocols will change, so a lot of smoke, smoke detectors and other safety measures are expected. The Winter Village in Bryant Park is lit up, but the site is only open to the public for a limited number of hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

LuminoCity Festival

There is a wintry wonderland called LuminoCity, complete with Christmas tree, Christmas lights and Christmas trees. Treat yourself to a visit from Santa Claus and his elves after the annual New York Christmas Eve parade at Madison Square Garden. 

For the upcoming Christmas season, LuminoCity runs from November 27 to January 10, and tickets must be purchased online here in advance. During the fixed duration of the festival, a limited number of tickets will be available to keep capacity. Tickets cost $38 for standing room only ($68) and include express access to the event, free parking and free admission to all other events. 

Holiday windows in New York City

This immersive outdoor holiday spectacle with light sculptures and art installations was staged for the first time in 2019 and has proved to be a must-see – see – light show. Holidaymakers can stroll through the park, tell stories and see glittering, towering LED sculptures. Think of it as a Christmas tree, Christmas trees and Christmas lights in the middle of New York City. 

This year, works by artists from New York City’s Forgotten Cities, New Jersey and the Bronx, as well as from several countries, will be on view with their own sets. 

The Bronx Zoo’s holiday lights

The fun of Christmas shopping in New York is to admire the tricked-out Fifth Avenue shop windows that appear at the funniest and most cheerful time of year. Come and get a sweater or a great gift from our Christmas gift guide and admire the Christmas windows filled with Christmas gifts. Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists will find Christmas in their hearts and minds at this annual Christmas celebration. Feel the glow of more than 45,000 LED lights and skate under the tree as you attend the annual Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve. This annual celebration of Christmas lights and lighting at one of New York’s most iconic attractions.

These Christmas events make New York the holiday icon that it is. They are visited by thousands of people every year, and provide the holiday spirit we all need!

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