All-female Creative Teams: A Force to Reckon With!

Women are a huge creative power on Broadway. They are responsible for some of the greatest hits in history. Here are some great musicals created by all-female creative teams!


More than 100,000 children run away from home each year, but musicals never addressed the subject until Elizabeth Swados invented Runaways. Runaway, presented as a collection of standalone scenes, depicts children as “Let’s Be Kids” and “It’s not for Strangers,” but also as children who find themselves on the street for no reason.

Runaways ran on Broadway for seven months, earning five Tony nominations, and was clearly the front-runner for the thought of his time. In 2019, young Broadway artists including Sophia Anne Caruso and MJ Rodriguez performed at the revival.

The Secret Garden

Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon worked together on their dramatization of the self – the discovery of a young British girl in Secret Garden of Life. This is proving to be an entertaining musical with female creatives and a great example of female-centric writing.

Since its premiere in Virginia in 1991, Secret Garden has been received by audiences on Broadway, where it has opened for more than 700 performances and recorded three pitches. Daisy Egan won a Tony Award for her performance, becoming the youngest actress to win a Tony. There have been numerous concert adaptations, including one at the Royal Albert Hall in New York City and another in London. The turn of the millennium has spawned a new generation of musicals that focus on female characters and a strong female cast.

The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin

Kirsten Childs should definitely be on that list, and her debut album added an extra miracle to her theater life when she starred in the Broadway production of the musical adaptation “The Little Mermaid” in New York City.

Nikki M. James (“The Book of Mormon”) plays Bubbly as a black girl who sheds her chameleon skin. African-American women in the late 20th century, she investigates how media, society, and racism have influenced her life and, in her own words, how media and society’s racism have affected her.


Based on Adrienne Shelly’s critically acclaimed film, this musical tells the story of Jenna, a small-town waitress who dreams of a better life for herself and her family. With the help of her gynecologist, Jenna turns around in many ways, but eventually finds a different future and carves her own piece of cake in this crazy world. Waitress has an all-female creative team, and that’s a recipe for success.

Sara Bareilles has starred in her own Broadway musicals and in West End plays of the musical. The film also stars Jennifer Hudson, Kate McKinnon, and Jennifer Lopez, as well as a host of other stars.


The all-female creative teams on Broadway are a force to be reckon with!

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