Acting academies for kids

Kids’ biggest dream is to become famous like their favorite actors. The theatrical scene attracts them because it shows a world full of magic, dances, laughter, and pretty costumes. Of course, the big stage allures people of all ages, but let’s find out now which are the best acting academies for kids:

Broadway Kids Academy

For most people, Broadway means quality productions, big venues, and renowned actors. And this is not a coincidence. Broadway Kids Academy is amongst the best acting schools in the world. It opened in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The academy aims to reach the full potential of the kids. It helps them to develop self-confidence and self-discipline. Skilled teachers guide the children through their way to success and teach them acting, singing, and dancing. Moreover, at the end of every semester, kids get to perform in real plays with make-up, costumes, and audience. 

Children attend weekly classes for 12 months. They are divided into 7 groups depending on their age. The Tiny Stars program is for preschoolers age 3 or 4. These little participants have classes once a week. The oldest members of the academy are at the age of 15. Their program is called Applause. Teenagers study singing, dancing, and acting in-depth. Besides, they have a performance on the real stage three or four times a semester. 

Space is limited for all classes, so if you have an interest in participating, you should make an early registration.

The Young Actor’s Studio

The Young Actor’s Studio was founded in 1996 in Los Angeles. It offers acting classes for children and teenagers age between 8 and 21. The studio aims to develop the acting skills of the kids and to provoke their creativity through workshops, classes, and real performances on the stage. 

Kids learn how to master the theatrical craft by attending various classes. They take singing and acting classes, but they also have the opportunity to visit comedy and improvisation courses. Besides, those who want can receive private coaching. The studio also has two intensive programs during the summer. 

Children’s Acting Academy

Children’s Acting Academy is one of the best acting schools in New York.   Its artistic director is Mimi Stuart – a famous theatrical artist. 

The academy prepares kids for the Broadway scene. The most interesting courses that kids attend are Creative Drama and Acting. The first focuses on the mime and improvisation, while the Acting program teaches children how to behave during an interview and how to perform exciting monologues. Moreover, the academy offers summer camps for kids age between 4 and 14. During the camp, kids meet with professionals who give them valuable advice.  

Meet the youngest superstars on Broadway! Many of them are products of these acting academies for kids. And here are the real veterans!